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Nice Pics and other shit

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avenged sevenfold + emoji guide (insp. by x)

(Quelle: mshadowss, via knife-sharp-parade)

Heute Abend holen wir uns den vierten Stern! 










maybe she was dragged there against her will

Maybe she’s one of those unfortunate girls who is the only one that likes hard rock amongst a group of friends that like pop music - and that the male fans in her school don’t want her since Avenged Sevenfold is “only for boys”. It kinda looks like she really doesn’t want to be there.
Then again, I really don’t think it’s right to judge a person by their musical preferences.

I don’t get what people react to in this photo. It’s just a bunch of kids who looks like they’re having fun? The one with the white tee is also just standing there, but IMO they all look like they want to be there.

Yeah, you’re right. It really shouldn’t matter if one likes both Avenged Sevenfold and Justin Bieber. To each their own, and all that.
I was just offering an alternate theory, though. Sometimes, I do wonder how people end up being surrounded by friends that don’t like their music. I understand that music isn’t everything - but I do listen to music pretty much all the time, and I don’t think I could really handle being with people who always want to play their own music when we’re together.

Well, personally, mostly we don’t play music when we’re, I mean me and my friends, are together. If it was the case, maybe we’d just listen to something to dance to, but one of my friend has pretty weird tastes to me and basically I’m friend with her because she supports me and is able to bear me and knows me a lot. When we were 13&15 (me and her, respectively) we had more similar music tastes, though, but I still don’t understand how the fuck we made friends and why. Also we have more similar political views, I guess? Basically, we’re friends because we’re friends and I’ve no idea how this happened.

"Also we have more similar political views, I guess?"
That’s a good point, too. It probably is more important to have friends that share your values than necessarily your interest.

People don’t have to be limited to liking ONE music genre; that’s absolutely ridiculous and I can’t stand how so many people think that way .

Completely agree! <3

I love Avenged Sevenfold and my friends don’t. They listen to pop and stuff (not Justin Bieber, tho). Its no big deal, really. We just take it in turns to play our music and then we just listen to each other blabbing about our fav bands. Even though, I do find it weird that a girl next to Justin Bieber was wearing an A7X top. If I wear A7X, I’d be doing like Syn and Zacky in the second photo :p

Upon thinking about, that might be why some people have an issue with that photo. It might not be so much that they think someone can’t like both Avenged Sevenfold and Justin Bieber - but, rather, that it’s kinda tacky to wear another artist’s shirt while visiting your artist.
Although, maybe Zacky wouldn’t mind if you showed up to meet him wearing a Misfits shirt. Or a classic rock band shirt - since classic rock, quite naturally, influenced new rock.  But if were to wear like a Garth Brooks shirt, they might think it was quite odd. Although, they’d probably do the gracious thing and keep those thoughts to themselves.
Then again, sadly, there are many music elitists within the rock community - and the Avenged Sevenfold fandom is really no exception.

Or maybe it’s Synyster Gates in the first pic and his head is photoshopped…    ( ._.)